Dove Real Beauty Sketches Film

Dove has been responsible for some incredible campaigns over the years. The “Campaign For Real Beauty” and the fast-forward retouching from a ‘real photograph’ to something suitable for a billboard come to mind immediately.

They’ve long been champions of real beauty, and of getting women to embrace themselves as they are. The next step in this incredibly conceived and beautifully realised campaign was unclear, until now…

Feast your eyes on a three minute masterpiece, created by Dove.


My boy actually showed this to me last night. He found it somewhere online and came over to raise me from my comfy pyjama reverie on the couch. I watched, increasingly open-eyed, as the film unfolded.

I know this is a vehicle for commercialism. I know that what funds these projects is the proceeds of big corporations. But it’s just so darn beautiful. And it’s such a great message.

What do you think? Nailed it or over it?


The Beauty Shakeup – Instagram/Blog Challenge!

It’s a new year, bright, shiny and sparkly and that means it’s time for a new challenge! I had so much fun with 30 Days of Lippy last year and Kimberley from Pop Couture and I have been chatting about a way to up the ante and challenge ourselves (and you) to shakeup the makeup again. Meet The Beauty Shakeup.

Last time we tackled lipstick exclusively, but if you weren’t a lipstick obsessive hoarder lover, like me then you kinda had nowhere to go. So this time around, we wanted to give everyone more freedom and get as many people involved as possible. So we’ve broadened the shake up criteria. You’ve got one keyword per day to prompt your look. Take Day 5, for example “Bold” – you can choose to interpret that as a bold lipstick, a bold eye makeup look, a bold manicure… or even a bold hairstyle. Ultimately the list lends itself to beauty, but if fashion is more your thing, you can join in with your daily outfit too!

Let yourself get inspired, create a look based on the word of the day, then photograph it and post it to Instagram with the hashtag #BeautyShakeUp so we can all delight in your creation. You can even blog about your look, review the product in question or do a weekly highlights package (don’t you just love those?!) Whatever floats your boat!

If you do blog/vlog about the challenge, please let me know by commenting here or over at Pop Couture, Kimberley’s killer blog.

Can’t wait to see what you come up with. Stay connected with us on Instagram @rosemaryslade & @popcouturist.

{ Editor’s note: Day 14’s prompt is matte and Day 15’s prompt is pink, however we realise that Day 14 is also Valentine’s Day, so anyone wishing to switch days 14 & 15 so they can wear pink for V Day, please do!}

Rosie xox

Summer Tanning Essentials

We’ve been talking about tanning a bit lately, and I’ve had a few people ask about my prep and post-spray tan routine. Keeping an awesome spray tan looking fab isn’t hard work, but it does require a few killer products.

Summer Tanning EssentialsThese are my must-haves for keeping my salon spray tan looking amazing, and a few really rad home-tanning products of which I am also a fan-girl. From left to right, please meet:

Loving Tan Easy-To-Reach back applicator – perfect for that spot right in the middle of your back that you just can’t reach, no matter what ridiculous positions you manage to get yourself into. Forget the boy, this baby has got you covered.

Vani-T Brazilian Bronze 1 hour Self Tan Mousse – if I tan at home, this is my favourite. It gives a beautiful deep bronze colour that’s super-speedy developing. I leave it on for between four and five hours for a really natural colour.

Le Tan Instant Face Tan – Formulated specially for the delicate skin on your face (which can react to the DHA in tanning solution), this develops slowly and depending on the level of colour you want, may require a few applications. Big fan. And it smells like caramel.

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunscreen Lotion – A must-have for the Aussie sun. I love the fresh scent and the dry-touch finish. No greasy stricky sunscreen for me thanks!

Palmers Olive Butter Formula Cream Oil – cannot. rave. about this. enough. It packs the punch of a body oil, but without the slick factor. The moisturiser component means that the oil soaks right into your skin. It has a fresh, ‘mens beauty product’ scent, with high notes of lemon and a hint of mint.

ModelCo Tan Extender/Gradual Tan Everyday Body Moisturiser: Fantabulous for extending the life of your tan. With a touch of DHA, it’s a moisturiser and gradual tanner in one. It’ll keep your glow looking fresh.

Skinny Tan Pre-Tan Primer: Absolutely addicted to this stuff. I buff my old tan off with a Tan-Off Mitt (excluded from this photo because it’s currently drying) but I then do a full body scrub with this stuff. It’s a creamy, coconut-scented body scrub which not only removes any final traces of tan, but polishes your skin to a baby-soft, glowing finish. And it doesn’t leave any residue, so it ensures optimum tanning results. Even if you don’t tan, you should go buy this. It’s awesome.

What are your favourite summer beauty products? Let me know!
Rosie xox

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Meet The Uber Tan – Best. Spray Tan. Ever!

I’m a dedicated fake tanner. I love a good faux glow. But I don’t like to look like I’m wearing a fake tan, I mean, does anyone?! I want to look naturally tanned! It’s taken me a while to find one that’s so fab that I don’t have to even think about it. Just book it once a week and enjoy the rest of your summer, thank you very much!

I always kind of felt like I was going with the ‘best available’ until the next thing came along, constantly chopping and changing (and even mixing them together) in the quest for something better. But I’ve discovered it. The holy grail. The ÜBER TAN.

Minx Tan at DMK Skin Meet my favourite summer discovery: Minx Tan, available at DMK Skin in Sydney’s Crows Nest. Not only is it a super-natural colour, but depending on the level of tanning you’re looking for, you can wash it off in between 2 and 6 hours. The beautiful Elisha at Danné Montague King in Crows Nest did my tan for me. And I’ve now booked her in for the rest of the decade!

Minx Tan The Super Fake Tan at DMK Skin Crows Nest
The difference, I’m told (and it’s visible almost immediately once you’ve been sprayed) is the addition of both green and purple base colours. “Base colours are added to counteract and neutralise the skin tone when exposed to DHA. On the colour spectrum, green is opposite to orange, so green is used to counteract brassy ‘orange’ tones which can occur,” the fabulous people at Minx Tan tell me. “Purple will assist in neutralising shades of yellow. Additionally, a purple hue will create a deeper and more natural-looking faux tan that is suitable for all skin tones.”

Minx Tan The Uber Tan at DMK Skin Crows Nest 2 The tanning liquid is non-sticky, it dries within minutes, even after two or more coats, AND it’s fragrance free (no icky tanning smell.) Minx have created their unique formulas with over 90% natural and organic ingredients like Hawaiian Sea Extract, Sea Kelp, Aloe Vera and Pro Vitamins, meaning they’re gentle on your skin, hydrating and your tan lasts heeeeaps longer!

Minx Tan the backI’ve chosen the deepest colour available, Eclipse, but the tan also comes in a light and medium shade as well. See how even around the elbows it doesn’t look orange? Swooon!

Minx Tan The Uber Tan Fake Tan at DMK Skin Crows Nest Which means I, can enjoy the rest of my summer, grab any opportunity to jump into a photo, show off my tan and spend more time doing important things like taking silly selfies in the car 😉

Much silliness and photo taking now possible!To book YOUR Minx Tan in Sydney, phone Danné Montague King (DMK Skin) in Crow’s Nest on 1300 007 546. Tans are available between 9-5pm Monday to Friday. Run, don’t walk!

Rosie xox

Vintage Print

Vintage floral print dress The Row Sunglasses brunette balayage long hairVintage floral print dress

IMG_6981Vintage floral print dress The Row Shades black and whiteVintage floral print dress gold necklaces The Row shades close upVintage floral print dress gold necklace rose patternVintage floral print dress black and whiteIt’s so nice to be back in Australia. And hello summer! It’s my last week at work and I’m looking forward to some time off with friends and family over Christmas. I’m heading to the Hunter Valley for a few days over the break and I can’t wait. Fresh food, good conversation, swimming, running around barefoot, the sunshine in my eyes, driving with the windows down, staying up late… Ahhh bliss. What are you doing for Christmas? What’s your favourite thing about summer? Let me know!

Wearing // Dress: inherited from my Nanna, Shoes: ZU Shoes, Shades: The Row via Net-a-Porter – sold out but similar here, Bottom Necklace: thrifted at Crows Nest Markets, Top Necklace: gifted by a friend similar here, Earrings: Wicked Sista

Rosie xox

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Sephora and what I bought there

You know how they refer to Disneyland as ‘The Magic Kingdom’? Sephora should be called that too. I would also be quite content to dub it The Happiest Place on Earth. The fact that the first Sephora I visited was actually inside Downtown Disneyland made it all the more magical.

Not only does the name deserve to be up in lights, but it should have an exclamation mark too.

Sephora! *jazz hands*

I’d run out of quite a few things before I left for the US and stubbornly refused to replace them (I actually lived without concealer and powder for several weeks. Let’s just say it wasn’t pretty). So I had a bit of a list.

I was like a kid at, erm… Disneyland.

Let me paint a picture for you: I stepped across the threshold, eyes darting around at the enormous (yet perfectly ordered) selection, my brain vaguely cataloguing brand names and locations as I went.

It’s like Mecca Cosmetica and the entire beauty floor of David Jones had a baby. And it got all the best genes.

I spent a solid hour browsing. I could have spent so much longer, but both the boy and his brother were waiting patiently and we did have a room check-out to make.

I didn’t get everything on my list, but I did do well. And picked up a few other things too.

Many of these were things I actually needed. Some were things I didn’t know I needed. Others were things I needed and so much more. Yet others were duplicates of things I needed.

(Meh… who among you wouldn’t try two different brands of black eyeliner?)

And then, of course, I splurged a little — as one does when on vacation — and grabbed a few things that I was all wanty for as well.

Alterna Caviar Replenishing Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner.

An essential buy because I was about to run out of both and was concerned I would have trouble finding hair care products that were free of sulfates and parabens (necessary as I have Great Lengths extensions and these ingredients aren’t good for the bonds.)

BareMinerals Ready Foundation SPF 20 in Golden Tan, Benefit Boi-ing Concealer in 03.

Both necessities. Although I didn’t buy the BareMinerals powder foundation to be a foundation, it was intended as a replacement for my M.A.C Prep+Prime Transparent Finishing Powder.

My helpful Sephora assistant colour matched me perfectly and pointed out that not only would it work as a powder, but it would also add more coverage. Helpful, as sometimes my foundation thins out a bit, around my lips, especially.

I was in desperate need of a new concealer. The Benefit Boi-ing won because I’ve heard great things about it and it was a perfect colour match.

Eyeko Skinny Liquid Eyeliner in Black (of which Who What Wear said “We’ve finally tracked down the perfect liquid eyeliner!” — stay tuned for my review soon) and Makeup Forever Aqua Eyes Eyeliner in 0L (matte black).

I know, it’s hard to believe I let myself almost run out of black eyeliner. *gasp*

I was using a liquid liner over the top of a dark purple M.A.C liner during my last week or so in Australia.

A special thank you to Kimmi at The Plastic Diaries and Tara of Keeping Up With Me for introducing me to MUFE Aqua Eyes (and for reminding me to buy it.) I am in love.

Those of you who have been paying attention will know how obsessed I am with YSL Rouge Pur Couture Glossy Stain – which I already own in 12, Corail Fauve – the plan was to buy every shade available when I got to the US.

On my first trip to Sephora though, since it was still within the first few days of my month-long holiday, I happily swatched away until I found another shade I absolutely fell in love with.

Please meet YSL Rouge Pur Couture Glossy Stain in 7 – Corail Aquatique. Swatches & review to come.

I’ve been obsessing over metallic nails for at least six months, so I was so happy to find these! Left is Sephora by OPI Trend Tips in Ornate (silver) and right is Sephora Nail Patch Art in A12 Gold Circles.

Michael Kors Gold – Rose Edition EDP 30ml.

“New Fragrances” was written on my beauty shopping list. I had a few ideas of which ones I wanted. This was not one of them. (Mainly because I didn’t know it existed.)

One spritz and I was sold. It had my name written all over it. (Plus, it actually had my name written all over it.)

I also loved the idea of wearing a brand new fragrance the entire time we were away. Scent can be such a powerful memory trigger, so I wanted a fragrance that would remind me of travelling around America.

Unfortunately, I can’t seem to find this fragrance anywhere in Australia (aside from on eBay.) I hope it eventually makes it to our shores.

Mini Sephora Makeup Be Gone Triple Action Cleansing Water.

Impulse buy… Near the register.

Also I forgot to bring my own makeup remover, Bioderma Créaline Micellear Water, which I’m still totally addicted to.

Total spend just over $270.00 US. Which I thought was a pretty darn good effort.

So lovelies, it’s my first Sephora haul. How did I do? Have you tried any of these products? Let me know!

Rosie xox

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Disneyland Photo Diary

The last time I was at Disneyland I was eighteen. I was travelling with a huge bunch of other eighteen year olds from all over the world. We had an absolute blast, as you can probably imagine. It was just as much fun, if not more, this time. I honestly smiled and laughed the entire time.

I am writing this from an eighth floor hotel room just around the corner from Union Square in San Francisco. I think the last time this place was renovated was in the forties. We just flew in this morning and while there’s no air conditioning, and the elevator rattles a little, I’m delighted to find there is a solid, speedy (and complimentary) internet service available. Hallelujah! I’m living on free wifi at the moment.

It’s such a beautiful night. My tiny little desk looks out the window, which I’ve opened to let in a cool breeze. The curtains are fluttering just a little, and I can hear the city breathing outside. I have so many more posts to write and so many more stories to share, but for now I’ll leave you with the happiest place on earth.

Images (from top to bottom): Me & The Boy in front of Fantasyland // A drum-kit playing Mickey Mouse entertains everyone (me included) during the parade // Yes, I rode the carousel like a big kid. And yes, I waved. It was awesome // This nice man said “hello” to me, and I told him his pants reminded me of sheepskin from home. He responded with a drawling “They’re act-tually made out of yak skin!” It made me giggle // The Haunted Mansion all dressed up for Halloween // Halloween lights dancing on all the trees // Playing tourist at Disney’s California Adventure Park // I bet you can’t tell where the real buildings end and the backdrop begins… in Hollywood Land // More beautiful Halloween lanterns // Climbing around inside the faux natural maze created by Disney inside California Adventure Park’s ‘Grizzly Peak’ // Wearing a tan and a smile after hopping off the rollercoaster at Paradise Pier // The Magic Kingdom by star light.

Wearing, Day One: Top Sportsgirl, Jeans Giordano, Jacket Pilgrim. Day Two: Top Sportsgirl, Jeans Jeans West, Boots Wittner, Jacket Pilgrim, Shades Portmans, Bag both days Cellini Sport.